Vertical alignment in label, textbox and button not possible?

Is there any option to align vertically in labels, textboxes and buttons?
See my test app onthis topic.
lay_out_lbl_btn_textbox.aia (2.3 KB)
and screenshot:

My second question, I put that allready in this topic: Status bar color

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Try this: lay_out_lbl_btn_textbox2.aia (2.5 KB)


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I can offer you this extension


Undocumented functions in that extension is that you also can position it e.g. vertical and horizontal axis

  • top -> left = 48, center = 49, right = 53
  • center -> left = 16, center = 17, right = 21
  • bottom -> left = 80, center = 81, right = 85

Some changes works only as APK..

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I also thought of your extension first. But it's about horzonal alignment. Or is it not?

Thank you @Boban and @Anke. I'll try your solutions tomorrow.

Yes, this is the solution how to change color of status bar! Thank you @Boban

I'm a newby and don't understand how to get this visable:

When I load this aia, in the design mode everything looks like my app, but in the block mode I see only these blocks:

Please @Anke, can you explain?

@Anke, I'm sorry!
I now saw your solution. You changed the design by adding arrangement components!
It had nothing to do with the blocks.
Thank you!

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Thank for your offer. I'm just a newby who wants to find out how apps can be made. No ambition to become a Pro.
May be this is a good item for me to try to make an extension myself if my other idea about making an extension is to complex for me.

It had hidden capabilities..


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