Variable number of buttons depending on the number of links defined in an external list

Hello, I need to make an application that takes an external list of links (varible) and that each one of those links is assigned to a button in an appinventor application. That is to say, the number of buttons would be variable depending on the number of link that it has in the external list of variables. I can not see how to make the number of buttons that are displayed in screen1 is variable and depends on the number of links. Please, could you help me?

Use a dynamic components extension, e.g. CompCreator

or if you know the maximum number of buttons that might be required, set them all up and handle their visibility as required (this is an extension-less but cumbersome approach

or use a listview or listpicker to display all the links.

Initially I tried to do it through hyperlinks using a label tag in HTML mode, but when I put the link text it was not possible to click on the links. I understand that what you propose as "se a listview or listpicker to display all the links" is something similar, but could you tell me how to do it?. In any case, I will look into the CompCreator option. I am very new to programming and I don't understand these things very well.
Thanks for your help!

What do you want to do when you click on a link? Open the web page in a webviewer ?

The link must be opened outside the application. It is an acestream link to open in acestream.

Updated: The link is of the following type: "acestream://125f0f3f8ae85c94749bcc9659bcc404d3dd84b0". I tested this with a button and it opens perfectly.

Then from a listview selection, set that to the DataUri

It works perfectly. Thank you very much!

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