Using two spinner variables

Hi, I am creating an app that uses two spinners. You enter a location in the first one and then a store in the second, I want the program to then depending on the pair of information inserted open a new screen. So far I can only make the program work using one spinner is it possible to use both at the same time?

First, send the selections to the next screen:

Once you've done so, you can get the values and do whatever you want with them:

(Please disregard the fact that they are the same screens; I was just too lazy to create another).

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Buongiorno, ho bisigno del vostro aiuto.
Good morning, I need your help.
I have three consecutive "spinners": the result of the first spinner, which draws the choices from the list contained in a "general variable" that I filled in "Blocks" MUST BECOME the item of the "selection" in the second spinner. But the result of the first spinner does not refer to a precise general variable but will choose among several other "general variables", each of which contains other lists. (the ratio between the second and third spinner will be identical).
I tried several times, but failed...
Thanks in advance.

Ho tre "spinner" consecutivi: il risultato del primo spinner, che attinge le scelte da elenco contenuto in una "variabile generale" che ho riempita in "Blocks" DEVE DIVENTARE la voce della "selection" nel secondo spinner. Ma il risultato del primo spinner non rimanda ad una precisa variabile generale ma sceglierĂ  tra diverse altre "variabili generali", ognuna delle quali, contiene altri elenchi. (identico sarĂ  il rapporto tra il secondo ed il terzo spinner).
Ho fatto diverse prove, ma non sono riuscito...
Grazie in anticipo.

Sorry, the question isn't exactly clear. As I understood it, you want to change the selection of a Spinner based off of another Spinner's selection?

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear: I'll try to express myself more clearly. My problem is: how to use the choice of "spinner1 selection" in "spinner2 elements".
For example: I create a tinyDB of all usable motorized "means of movement".
In "spinner1 elements" I easily put a "global variable" with: motorcycle, car, plane, helicopter, ship...;
For example, if the result of spinner1 is "car", in "spinner2 elements" I will have to insert, among all the others, the "general variable" which contains all the brands of car manufacturers.
Continuing, for example, the choice in spinner2 elements is "Suzuki" (as Italian I should have written Ferrari... :slight_smile: )
the "general variable" of all the models produced by Suzuki must appear in spinner elements: Vitara, S-Cross, Baleno, ...; (these are the names under which they market their machine models in Italy).
I hope I was clearer.
Thank you for your availability, which is very precious to me

See here:

Try this sample app ...