Using serial with FTDI

I have no problem to import in AI2 nb190a September 29, 2022. Don't know what the problem can be in the bugfixes version.

Also tested to import in the -bugfixes version without any problems.

Thanks Rolf @rkl099 .
You made me pull file again - different size, loads fine.
p.s. : one should pull file (git or download as zip) NOT try dowloading single file

Thanks again @rkl099 for fixing intent. Now I have same problem as @Johannes_Fritzsche described (here Samsung S21).
When Open method is invoked on unconnected usb cable it throws error (can't catch by Screen.ErrorOccured). Previously Open just returned 0.
I can't find a check method to invoke before Open so to avoid this problem but IMHO I liked better just returning 0 by Open.
Once I know this I will check if it survives disconnecting usb/serial cable...
Best regards and thanks for a great component Rolf and sorry for bothering you!

The original Physicaloid library checked the VID/PID in two programs. I made a change to have a single table define VID/PID and driver. This was an undetected side effect and will be corrected in the future.
It will be easier to include new PID/VID:s and if possible, include a function for user defined VID/PID/driver definition.

Thanks dear Rolf @rkl099 for the info but I'm afraid I's appreciate simpler version of answer:

  1. When to expect fix?
  2. Is there any workaround I can code?
    Regards kuba

No workaround but I have updated the extension to report "not open" if no USB device connected. The selection of driver is now in a single table, depending on VID or VID/PID. Tested with the USB devices I have. Please try it and report to me.

Works nice !
Thanks dear Rolf @rkl099 for your prompt fix and all the support.
Best regards, Kuba SP5NZF

Dear Rolf @rkl099 ,
I'm using 2022-10-19 version of OTGSerial (GitHub - rkl099/Appinventor_Debug: Debug versions: SerialOTG (Note: can be changed any time). Add support for Android12. Change USB device selection by VID or VID/PID to a single table)
Can I ask u a favor to tell me if/how it is possible to handle the the following Serial2USB dongle:

It is reported by my Win10 as : CH340K USB\VID_1A86&PID_7522&REV0264

It is labeled (just FYI I know it does not matter): LD-C100 USB TO CT-62 For Yaesu

This one does not show-up neither in my app nor in your test app (and is not listed in the main trunk)

Best regards, Kuba SP5NZF

VID 1a86, PID 7523 is included, but not PID 7522. I can include it next week. The final solution will be a way to open an USB device where you can specify VID/PID for a selected driver of those included in the library. Many USB devices can be reprogrammed with new VID/PID pair so I think this is the best solution.

Thanks a lot, will be waiting and will let u know test results.
The list of ids is great idea too.

Updated SerialOTG with PID/VID 0x1A86, 0x7522 LD-C100 USB TO CT-62 For Yaesu, driver CH34x in my github debug directory. Please test it and report.

Thanks Rolf @rkl099 rkl099 !
Works just great

hi! I saw your app, it works well with Arduino, can I use the same to access the UART of Raspberry pi4?

Yes, but you need an USB-serial adapter with ttl output/input (0-3.3V).
USB-serial with Rs232 out/in will probably destroy the serial in/out on the Pi4.

The simplest logic level converter is enough

Greetings. I'm testing my Chinese NANO V3 with version 1.5 and test apk from archive.
It works great in conjunction. There is no disconnect. But it's worth pulling out and re-inserting the usb connector and I can't get back the connection with the Arduino in any way.
It only helps to exit and close the application. After restarting the application, the connection appears, but until the USB is disconnected.
Question: "Is this normal?, or is there a workaround?"

Try to close the connection, before you disconnect the USB.

Thank you very much. I achieved stable operation using the "Close" method and the "USB Detector" extension. Now for me USB works stably when connected or disconnected and automatically restores the connection. Thank you.