Using .csv from Shared Folder(Documents)

I know its a well known error but i dont really understand how i can solve my problem. Sorry for all discomfort! I wanna make my App work on Android 11+ (i prefer solutions where i dont have to differ the different Android versions if thats possible :smiley: )
Till now(Andoid 7.0):
I use the file-component to append an csv.
So I can access the csv on my laptop and can manipulate(adding; deleting, modifying) the data stored easily and can afterwards analyze them with Excel.

How can i make it work on all Android > 7.0?
I have heard, that taifun could help me but i doesnt know how :smiley:
The only thing i have read, is, that i should use the ASD and export it to Shared Folder(with taifun?) but that wouldnt help me i guess, because i cannot overwrite and changes made on laptop wont change the "real" csv in the ASD...
Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english, i am german^^

Please first read this Some basics on Android storage system

So you have a csv file and would like to modify it from within the app, but also from outside the app...

After it has been modified outside of the app, you will need SAF to be able to read it again...

You can work directly from the shared storage /Documents, no need to hsd ASD I your case...

Alternatively you might want to think about a Google Spreadsheet solution... like this you can avoid sll the challenges with the file system


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In addition to @Taifun's answer:


Why does it not work?


What is wrong with my URI? what did I mixed up? IsDocumentUri results false :frowning: Thank you for help <3

It's not an URI.
There are several posts ... so read ...

i searched in


but couldnt find useful information even with keyword search "URI" and "write document"
I know that I need the URI of my document which is safed in Documents. But i wasnt able to find information how i can build the URI when i just know the path. Maybe i am totally wrong, because its my first time with URI so i didnt understand the informations given in the links above.

Use asd , you can read and write without permission with your app and windows and android filemanegers

that doesnt help me, because i cannot access ASD, so i cannot watch the file on PC.

Did you try ? I can with android 11

Of course, this is possible even on Android 11+, but you have to use a special file manager like Total Commmander to see it on the device and on the computer you can see it via USB connection.

If that weren't possible, nobody would be able to clear the Companion assets / ASD on Android 11+ without uninstalling the companion app or deleting storage & cache in the app settings.

Connect phone via usb, select Android, Data, your app folder, Files. You can drag your windows csv in Files and read it with your app.

Thx patel, what am I doing wrong? My .csv doesnt get appended.

The C in CSV stands for Comma (,)
not semicolon ";"

thats no problem for me. my excel uses Semicolon for seperation.

You don't need SAF and Taifun ext for saving/reading ASD

Using semicolon you can not use AI2 blocks for csv tables

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so should i use taifunfile-component to copy my file from ASD to privDir; using file-component to append the .csv; copying from privDir back to ASD with taifun-component? Because editing .csv with file-component in ASD doesnt seem to work

Sorry, but unfortunately everything.

  1. SAF is not required to write to or read from the ASD. So use the File component.
  2. SAF is required if you want to write to or read non-media files from non-shared folders on Android 11+. In addition, SAF is required if non-media files that were NOT created by the app itself are to be read from shared folders.
  3. Read all comments in the topic "SAF extension". There are numerous block examples on how to use the blocks correctly.