User Defined Spinner

Do something like what i have done below


Do not use the option ElementsFromString

Maybe this tutorial can help you :,choices%2C%20use%20the%20Spinner%20control.&text=Select%20the%20first%20Spinner%20control,%2C%20beef%20taco%2C%20vegan%20taco.


This is all PREDEFINED Elements for the spinner

okay, i got it

You can use the logic from here for your project :

This is LISTVIEW !!!! Not spinner !

you can change it to a spinner :

2523da045e769987771ae38b27ba885866d49c09 Change TO nevwF

This is working now, but first element in spinner should be BLANK

why do you want to empty the first element

This way you can have the first element blank

as a validation. If Spinner.Slection is BLANK, then prompt user to select option, oherwise default first option will be selected.

Like in this case. Though this is with predefined options in the spinner

You can keep the first element as "Select" always or a blank text as you asked for.

That is a workaround, that I save the first element as BLANK. But I am sure there must be a way out. Tx

If you want a default selection, but not the first one in the list, this should help:


I did this ...... It workiing now ! Tx for ur responses and guidance

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I was just playing around with the controls, trying something new everyday is a great way of learning by experimenting. That way one gets to learn, and in case of issues, discuss and share experiences on a global platform like this. Tx for ur response too.

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