User Defined Spinner

I am trying a user defined spinner. I am getting the elements to the spinner, but with additional text. How do I resolve this ??

could you show us your all blocks

Image is attached

Instead of the Elements from String, you should use the "Elements"

if you've changed this:

You must also delete this :

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Also, this indicates that you have already set the elements to the spinner,


If you are not setting the spinner's elements dynamically, you can define it in the designer view - in "Elements From String", separating each element using a comma.

I need the spinner to be user defined. The elements are getting appended as desired, but the [""] is also getting tagged. I need a way to REMOVE that

Do something like what i have done below


Do not use the option ElementsFromString

Maybe this tutorial can help you :,choices%2C%20use%20the%20Spinner%20control.&text=Select%20the%20first%20Spinner%20control,%2C%20beef%20taco%2C%20vegan%20taco.


This is all PREDEFINED Elements for the spinner

okay, i got it

You can use the logic from here for your project :

This is LISTVIEW !!!! Not spinner !

you can change it to a spinner :

2523da045e769987771ae38b27ba885866d49c09 Change TO nevwF

This is working now, but first element in spinner should be BLANK

why do you want to empty the first element

This way you can have the first element blank

as a validation. If Spinner.Slection is BLANK, then prompt user to select option, oherwise default first option will be selected.

Like in this case. Though this is with predefined options in the spinner