Use a valid app signing key to continue

I have a new app I want to publish on Google play. Since it is new I understand that I have to sign it, and use the .AAB file. Searching through the internet it is not so easy to find out how to do this. But this is what I have done so far:

  1. I build the .apk file for the app. According to @Anke a new keystore is created. I download it:
    And I store it in a folder called app-signing.
  2. I go to the play console, and select export and upload a key from a java keystore:

I then download the file pepk.jar and the file encryption_public_key.pem and store them in the same folder as the keystore file. So I open the conolse and goes to the directory where the files are stored:

I then run this command:

As text:
java -jar pepk.jar --keystore=android.keystore --alias=androidkey --include-cert --rsa-aes-encryption --encryption-key-path=encryption_public_key.pem

The file signing file is created. So far so good. I then goes back to play console. here I upload this file:

So I press save. But then, after a whille I got this:

The red text is in the Norwegian language, but translated to Englsih it ays:

Use a valid app signing key to continue

Anyone who knowws what the problem is?

Best wishes, Svein-Tore

Completely unnecessary, complicated, time-consuming, ...

It only takes a few seconds to successfully upload a new app (as AAB) to the Play Store. As I have already explained several times in various posts and guides, you only need a new keystore (if the old one has already been used for other Play Store apps).

  1. Export and backup the current keystore.
  2. Delete the current keystore in the Designer (AI2).
  3. Reload the browser (not quite sure if necessary).
  4. Build the AAB (a new keystore is generated then).
  5. Upload AAB to the Play Store.

That's all.
(I checked it again and it took less than 1 min to build a test AAB and upload it successfully to the Play Store.)

See also here:

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OMG that worked! Vielen Dank @Anke

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