Uploading photo without image picker


i have not yet chosen where I was going to download my photos but I would like to know if it is possible to download a photo without using image picker send the photo we have just taken directly to the cloud



You will probably need to use a file extension to find the file, unless you gather the file location information in some other method (e.g. if you take photo with camera)

Yes it's what i want to do :
take a picture with camera and send it
I have to know how camera manage files ....

See this guide by @Anke

Then we need to know where you want to send the image to provide the correct instructions.....


thanks for your answer as a developer apprentice there are things that speak to me and others not as is the case here
I can see the extensions but then it's foggy
I will choose google drive to save my photos
i saw in the Anke post she decided to use numbers but i think i can name the photos differently i suppose


Upload Any File To Google Drive with AI2

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