Uploading my app bundle the error message is confusing

I've looked at other help suggestions here but they don't seem to cover my problem. This is my second app, the first one being the same but in English. The first is just (https://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/#and a string of 16 numbers) and this second one is (https://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/#and a different series of 16 numbers) The first one is now on Play Store but when I try to drop my App bundle I get the following warning:
Your APK or Android App Bundle needs to have the package name appinventor.ai_mbjms.(NameOfApp)_Espanyol.
(The mbjms is my email without the @...)
Any help in getting over this hurdle will be much appreciated

Perhaps give the English version of your app a version number different from your Spanish version. I do not know. This is a guess.

Thanks Steve! Actually when I first tried to upload the bundle the error message was just that, that I was using the same version number. I duly obliged with the change and am now at this impasse. Thanks anyway!

Hmm. Change the name of the app from xxxxSpanish to yyyEnglish?

It looks like you are trying to update your existing app in Google Play?

As far as I understand, you like to upload the new app as a new app?

However if 2 apps are too similar or in your case are identical and the only difference is the language, then this might be something Google does not like.... see also


Yes, ...

Thank you all! (Anke, again!) I can see now that it is not as simple as I thought. It seems to be seen as a duplicate installation issue. It is as you say, Taifun; the only difference is the language. I'll have to work on this. Change the name so they appear completely different? I think they look at more than just a name. If one app is called Bandits Ahoy! and another is called La Siesta and they're exactly the same except for the language it wouldn't take them long to work that one out!
The thing is, I've got another one ready, exactly the same but in Catalan!
I'm going to have to take my time here, get it right or maybe not do it at all if it should cause issues with the original English one, as mentioned above.
Any more help greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

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