Duplicate Installation on Google Play Store

Hi there, I designed an uploaded an app to Google Play Store. This app is in Spanish, since localization is hard to do I used all my blocks and images from this app and just translated the content, then I created a new app with a different name then I uploaded it to Google Play Store but when installed on my phone what comes up is the Spanish version and not the English one.

Also the English version of the app when displayed on Google Play Store comes up as 4 (1.1) but the version on MIT app Inventor is 1 (1.1). I even installed the English version on a phone with no previous installation of the Spanish version and still what comes up is the Spanish version.

On Google Play Store each app is installed on separate domains. I would very much appreciate any suggestion on how to solve this issue :slight_smile:

Post the Play Store links to your apps (Spanish & English version).

Thank you very much for your response, this the Spanish version:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_albertorojaslefort.laRoma and this the English version:

It seems that you uploaded the same app with two different packageNames:


Your AIAs

  • laRoma.aia
  • coloniaRomaIngles.aia

are obviously identical. Only the screenshots in the Play Store are different.

Btw, if your apps target the same countries, you will most likely have a problem with Google's Violation of Repetitive Content policy, which will result in both apps being removed from the Play Store (without warning).

See e.g. here:

They are not identical:

Double-check your aia files for errors and compile some other aia files.

And what (where) are the differences?
Even the launcher icon is identical.

Look at the two pairs of pictures I put and find the differences :wink:

I like to do that and I took it seriously.... found 1. (Along with some spacing issues)

Can't be sure as scroll levels differ...


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Exactly. Both apps are identical except for this small difference in one word. But maybe @Patryk_F has better eyes than we do. :wink:


Thank you very much for your help, I've read the duplicate Repetitive Content Policy Violation and I have already removed the English version. I have left only the Spanish version. What surprises me is that when I use the Companion I get the English version displayed in my phone with all the text content in English, only the images for both two versions are the same.

I am attaching a few screen captures of the app both in English and Spanish juts as they are displayed on my phone using the Companion, as you can see the differences are obvious. I would really appreciate any suggestions to solve this problem as I want to make my app available to English speaking users.

If needed I can upload both .aia and .apk files, here are the screen shots from the Designer for both apps

I checked the APK and the AIA of your English version. Both are fine.

So uload this APK to the Play Store and publish it only in countries / locations where you don't offer the Spanish version (to avoid problems with Google's Repetitive Content policy).

Thank you very much Anke, have a great day :slight_smile:

... or even better offer / publish only one app with two languages (Spanish & English).

The app is finally published in Google Play Store, I have used TaifunTools1.Language. It is only one app but it is both in Spanish and English. It gets displayed in the language the phone is set in. Thanks everyone for their help :slight_smile:

This is the block I used

Yes, that's exactly what I suggested to you via PM. And as you said, that is not a country-specific orientation, but one that depends on the language selection made by the user. So if the language is not set to Spanish, English is always used.

Thank you very much for all your help :slight_smile:

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