Uploading image with comment to cloud and showing these into seperate page

Hello friends. I’m a little new to the community and MIT App Inventor and I need to do a project for my class. To briefly explain the project:

Users will take photos and share them with comments below.
I want to list the photos they share with their comments on a separate page one after another (The real problem starts here)
On the See Shared page, only the most recent photo from the photos and comments uploaded to CloudDB is shown and all comments are listed one after the other.

How can I show the photo and comment uploaded to CloudDB one after another as the shared photo and the comment of that photo page? Is there any other storage method you recommend me to use (because I’m new in MIT App Inventor just yet).

How can I handle this problem? Thanks for your help in advance.

Note: I uploaded the code block of the See Shared page as an image.

I suggest you best use firebase DB, you can see it in the Experimental category and if you want to share an image you can use Firebase Storage extensions for saving images and files you can get the extensions here https://puravidaapps.com/extensions.php

Advantages of Firebase and CloudDB


  1. have a realtime database, such as sending text very fast
  2. You can edit or delete text from the list which you want to delete in your app (you can edit or delete from firebase or from your app)


  1. Has the same function as Firebase but is slower to send or receive text
  2. not visible or “you can only edit or delete from your app, like adding a button to delete data text”

You should try using FirebaseDB :+1: :+1: :+1:

I tried FireBaseDB but I could not upload photos and show them from a separate screen and could not configure my own database. How do I solve these problems?

do you know how to set rules in firebase :smiley:

Users will store the images and comments where? Both on a cloudDB ? If so I would suggest that they are both stored under the same tag (image and comment) for easy retrieval. You will need to provide the full file path to images in order to upload them to a cloudDB.

Do you have your own cloudDB instance to use, or will you use the MIT provided cloudDB for your school project?

I would also avoid using multiple screens if you can, use "virtual screens" instead (vertical or horizontal arrangements that have their visibility set as required)

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do you know how to set rules in firebase :smiley: :grin: :grin:

Yes, but I cannot set the rules for the storage part of the firebase. I can set the rules for the database part of firebase.

Does the database part can store images?

yeah, database for save link your upload image from storage
and you have to learn how to change rules firebase storage

Yes, both on a cloudDB. I have not my own cloudDB. I am using MIT default CloudDB. How can I reach the full file path of images in the cloud?

How can i use “virtual screens” instead of using multiple screen?

I am a little new to MIT App Inventor, sorry :frowning:

After the using FirebaseDB, how can I list all images and their comments one by one?

The problem is in the mit. mit doesn’t have a custome listview (like a listview that can add buttons or images)

do you know sketchware

I don’t know sketchware but I can learn it.

Isn’t there a way to do this project at mit? If not how can I make it in sketchware?

projects that you want can be made in sketchware, sketchware is more sophisticated than mit. you can download in play store on your phone

so you can create app from your phone


Learning a new development platform like App inventor is never easy, especially when you have to combine it with the many online/cloud solutions that are available, and in deciding which one to use for your school project.

It is not for me to say where you use cloudDB or Firebase, MIT App Inventor or Sketchware, you need to decide that, for what best fits the needs, requirements and specifications set in your project. Then if you need help, ask for it in the appropriate support forums.

This forum is here to provide support for MIT App Inventor, the services built into the product - e.g. cloudDB, and then to provide help for all the many options and opportunities provided. There are a team of “Power Users”, and the team from MIT to provide this support.

From what you have said in your initial post, cloudDB (using the MIT provided instance) sounds like the simplest route, it can handle both the data and images you want to upload and share, you do not have to worry about security rules or using different elements of a product.

But, the choice is yours…

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Yeah that’s right :+1: :+1: :+1: :smiley:

Thanks a lot for attention and answers, especially Salman_Dev.

If there is a way to do this project using MIT App Inventor, I would love to listen. Thank you again.

OK so you choose MIT App Inventor.
Which online data storage solution do you want to use?

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I want to use FirebaseDB. I customize it and I am using my own Firebase Realtime Database now.
What should I do in the next steps?