Update or Modify Entry

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I want to update or modify this highligted entry text.

Please explain how and when you want to do this?

thanks kevinkun for considering..
when a user decide some changing after sended record or entry same day.

So you are asking how to update the Google Sheet?

I would use the AI2 spreadsheet component.

as i'm new and bigner user so need much much support & guidance to update value in google sheet.
fire match value in emp. code.
second match value in meal date
then amendments / modify or update record as given data

highly thanks

update google sheet

You will need to get the rowid of the cell you want to update.

There are several ways to do this:

  • add an extra column to the sheet, with =rowid() =Row() as its value. That's a Google Sheets function that should return the row id of wherever you use that. (thanks @TIMAI2 for the correction)

  • Use the Spreadsheet block for reading a sheet with a filter, and save the two parallel lists it returns:

    • the rowids of the returned rows
    • the returned rows
      then loop through the returned rows to find the index of the one you want, and use its corresponding rowid
  • Add an extra column to your sheet, with the concatenation of the cells (date,name,code) to give you a unique filter target for getting the rowid (The easiest, in my opinion.)

thanks a lot for reply. can you share any exemple or block

This Youtube video explains how to add a column to your sheet that you can use as a compound key for single-column filters:

When the filter on the compound key comes back, it should be accompanied by the row id you need for updating cells in that row.