Update My App - Extension - Useful to app builders to update their distributed apps

I overlooked the difference ID at sheet and full link in a table for app :wink:

Thanks for support!


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I have a problem using this, I downloaded the extension added it, made sure it calls the function but nothing happens, the AfterCheckingForUpdate isn't getting called either. I have android 10.


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Thank you very much @Android_Creator. I am very happy to hear an appreciation from you.


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@Android_Creator, please code it in Blocks window.

Hi Hema!

Thanks for such a great extension!
I would like to know if it's possible to edit the message icon and title.

I too am having issues, but I am trying something a little different. For example, do you require that this all be set up on Google Drive or can I use a website that I maintain, one that all users have access to as well? I am substituting the link to my website location instead, but its public for everyone. The extension should have no problem accessing the spreadsheet. or the link in the sheet.

I can type the link to the spreadsheet in my browser and it opens just fine. I can type in the link to my update file and it downloads too. I build the app and open it but nothing happens after that.. I do not know if the blocks are executing or not.. and if they are, what is wrong?

I am using the entire URL code for the Sheet ID and the Sheet Name is "Sheet1" by default, like everyone else's .. but I am not getting anything. I use a menu selection to start the routine.. see image:

Isn't that all I need to do, besides have the file in the location that I have in my spreadsheet along with the version number? Also, is the filename to the *.APK file literal? Does it need to match the data in the speadsheet?

You need use sheet id of your spreadsheet not whole url of the sheet. And are you using version name or version code of your app in spread sheet?

Thanks for the reply.

I am using the app name in Column A, now I am using the Sheet ID of the spreadsheet in column B and not the entire URL, and the VersionCode in the spreadsheet in column C but I am still not getting anything.

Here is my new block :

(image removed)

Use the download link of your app in column B.

I am sorry, I mispoke. I am using the download link to my app in column B .. I am now using the Sheet ID in the blocks. I spoke wrong before, my mistake.

Can you send the link of the spreadsheet? If you are okay with it.

Yes, besides I can change the data in it later once I get this working.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_ __hxccvjmxCuawsG8m_yTbnGKU/edit#gid=0

So is it working now?

No, nothing is happening at all. No error messages, no pop up boxes.. nothing.

Check again whether your spreadsheet is public or not because if I open the link of your spreadsheet it shows Access Denied error.

Here is the data from my Sheet1 of my app


..and in my spreadsheet I clearly state the latest version is 208.. so I dont know what is wrong

Oh? let me check that

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You were right about the access to the spreadsheet .. but it still is not working for me.

Can you try and open the spreadsheet for me now?