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UpdateMyApp - Extension created on 2020-07-11T18:30:00Z

I am an enthusiastic app builder, built many apps and distributed to my friends to test them.

But It becomes so messy, once i made improvements to those apps in the later stages.
I used to send the new versions to my friends and ask them to install the new version to replace the older one.

Many app builders are facing the same problem like mine.

So, i thought that the procedure would be simple and better, if the app is updated automatically.

Then i want to built an extension which updates the app simply.

:point_right: The blocks of the extension 'UpdateMyApp' are...




We can use the function CheckForUpdate in the initialization stage of app coding like this...

To use this extension, the users has to follow these steps...

Step-1 (Do once with the first built of the app)

  • Store your APK file on Google Drive.

  • Share it as Anyone with the link can view.

  • Copy the link of it.

Step-2 (Do once with the first built of the app)

  • Create a Google Sheet and store the App Name, App Link in Google Drive (link copied in the previous step) and App Version Code of your app, in a new row under the columns A, B and C respectively.

  • Then share the sheet once as Anyone with the link can view.

  • Use the Sheet ID and Sheet Name of this sheet as inputs with the function...

  • component_method

Step-3 (Repeat for every new version of the app)

  • Every time you create a new version of your app, then...

  • Increase the VersionCode Integer in App Builder.

  • version_code

  • Copy the VersionCode Integer and paste it to Google Sheet against the app name.

  • Now, build the app and upload it to Google Drive by replacing the older version.

Working of the extension 'UpdateMyApp' with your app...

  • Once you open the app, it checks for the update.

  • If the new version is available, it asks you to update.

  • update_notifier

  • If you press the button update, then it will update the app.

:star:That's it.

Download the resources here:

:point_right:Use this extension and feel free to suggest the improvements.

Thank you
Hema Srinivas

I should say my sincere thanks to my lovely kids Pranay and Manaswini for allowing me free for the last five days in building this extension.


thank you for your contribution
Please follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names.




Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Thank you very much. I will follow your valuable suggestion in my future contributions.


what about editing the extension and updating it right away? it takes you only 2 minutes...


Ok, i definitely edit my extension and upload it once again.


Dear Taifun,

I modified the blocks by following the naming conventions and uploaded the same to my post.
Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

Hema Srinivas


I checked. Works great. I will use this extension in my apps. This will replace dozens of blocks. Thank You.

After a moment of thought ... it would be useful to edit the text in the notification window and on the buttons. Adaptable to our language.


Thank you very much Patryk for the usage of my extension in your apps.
Feel free to suggest improvements.

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I found a cool notification extension. I would like to link your update extension with a notification. It will be necessary to separate checking for updates from downloading and being able to display the information however you like.

  • Leave the update checking block.
  • remove standard notification popup.
  • "After checking" block, modify so that the response is true if an update is available or false if not available.
  • add block to download updates.

Four blocks and an extension will be very versatile.

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A new block CustomizeUpdateDialog is added on 09th October, 2020 that allows the users to use our favourite language as the display language of update dialog .

Note : CustomizeUpdateDialog is an optional block. Without this, the Update Dialog appears in English.

We can customize the Update Dialog with our favourite language like this..

Then the Update Dialog appears like this…

The language used here is Hindi : India’s National Language.


@Automate_MyProject Hi mate, I'm having some dramas. I can just not get it to work. I even have downloaded you sample .apk and when I open it, It just hangs on "Checking for update". I'm running a Samsung Note 10+ wIth Android 10. How long should this process take ? Any Ideas? Cheers

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@18637, It is the problem with Screen 1.Initialize. Sometimes, Screen 1.Initialize fails to run the function. It happens not only with this function but also with others.

My suggestion is…

Download the aia file and do the following modifications.

Place Notifier1.ShowChooseDialog in
Screen 1.Initialize as a welcome note.

Then call the function CheckUpdate from the event Notifier1.AfterChoosing .

Now, you can see the result.

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Please download the new resources here:


Awesome, I give them a try now! Just so I'm clear, when I accept the update, I then will still have to download the APK and install it. This isn't a full automatic process? Cheers Ric


Gracias por esta aportación. Creo que nos va a ser útil a mucho


Thank you very much for your appreciation. Please give like on the topic. It will boost us to create new extensions.


@18637, User should have the choice to update the app to its newer version. That's why I have kept the permission notifier.


This is the Best Extension and is really needed by many people.

Thank you @Automate_MyProject for making this extension.
:partying_face: :star_struck: :+1:


Ayuda ....
en mi caso no funciona

todos los bloques estan iguales

y solo que la hoja se llama uno

quien me ayuda con una mano

no lo estoy probando en apk solo en al companion

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Build the app first and then test it.

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