Update my app API to Android 13

I have already explained everything necessary for this in post #37.

a temporary solution to extend the deadline until November has been mentioned here


Thanks, looking forward to the update


Hi, is there a new date for release with the SDK 33 related changes? I need to update my apps in the near future and wanted to know if finally it will be done before Aug 31. If not i will ask google play store for time extension, but wanted to know if its possible to get app inventor updated before doing so. Thank you very much in advance Sir.

Any news on the update?

Due to a few bugs identified on Friday and Saturday we decided to push the release to tomorrow to address those issues.


Have these bugs already been fixed on the test server?

Thank you very much for the info and for your efforts :slight_smile:

We are still waiting on one fix but everything on ai2-test should be going out with the release.

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google console it sending mail about ours app dont have the requeriment, and need up the level to API for Android 13, i dont know, i am no good, please help me.


I'm waiting for new updates on app inventor.
I appreciate your effort Evan :heart:

It has. But I was annoyed by his seeming assumption that no one should then be worried. That's what I'm objecting to.

Thank you, Sir

I'm guessing the release did not go out. I'll apply for the extention and still get an Android 13 version out as soon as I can because I'm planning a new version at Thanksgiving and don't want to crowd new versions too close together.

Thank you.

And - where is your problem?

The release will be done tonight EDT. We have already received approval from Google Play (for those who don't know, the App Inventor companion app is compiled by App Inventor, so an approval here is a very good sign for people who publish their apps with App Inventor). The release should be live in 4 hours or so.


Take your time Evan , Thank you so much.

The new version has already been released