Update my app API to Android 13

Hi everyone,
I recieved notification form google store

" We've detected that your app is targeting an old version of Android. To provide users with a safe and secure experience, Google Play requires all apps to meet target API level requirements.

if your target API level is not within 1 year of the latest Android release, you won't be able to update your app.

To continue making updates to your app, ensure your app targets Android 13 (API ) "

How could I update my app with android 13 in app inventor .


Is this showing as a warning or an error? According to Google's own published policies the requirement to target SDK 33 shouldn't go into effect until Aug 31. We are planning to do a release around Aug 26 with the SDK 33 related changes.


Thanks for your response, l hope the app inventor developers help me to update my app .

Please answer the question.

A Playstore tá falando q eu preciso atualizar minha api alguma aí sabe quando o appinvento vai atualizar a api pra versão mais recente

I have received the same alert of Google Play.

The deadline from Google is 31.08.2023 to upload Apps en the Play Store.

We are waiting your support to solve this issue. Thks.

You will have to wait until the new version of App Inventor (targeting API level 33) releases to upgrade your applications.

llego este mensaje, yo manejo app inventor para mis apps, pero como puedo hacer ese cambio que solicitan?

"Hemos detectado que tu aplicación está orientada a una versión antigua de Android. Para ofrecer a los usuarios una experiencia segura, Google Play requiere que todas las aplicaciones cumplan los requisitos de nivel de API de destino.

A partir del 31 de agosto de 2023, si tu nivel de API de destino tiene una antig√ľedad superior a un a√Īo respecto al lanzamiento de la versi√≥n m√°s reciente de Android, no podr√°s actualizar tu aplicaci√≥n.

Para seguir actualizando tu aplicaci√≥n, aseg√ļrate de que est√© orientada a Android 13 (nivel 33 de la API)."


Arriba mencionan que planean hacer un lanzamiento alrededor del 26 de agosto con los cambios necesarios para poder compilar las apps como las requiere Google Play.
La política surte efecto hasta el 31 de agosto, entonces toca esperar a que esté lista dicha versión.

see the answer from Evan here


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I'm having the same issue.

It's a warning. If we don't update, we won't be able to update our apps anymore. August 26th is cutting it very close and it would be nice if it wasn't so close for the next update.

I've recieved the extension... when you release the changes, what will I have to do to comply with Google?

Am I the only one who understands this answer?


The problem is that Google Play Console is requesting to update the API of my apps that are unpublished. This has no logic, I don't want to update these apps anymore

(from Target API level requirements for Google Play apps - Play Console Help)

It makes no sense because my apps are unpublished and new users can't install them and I don't want to update them anymore

Ihr könnt eine Verlängerung beantragen.
Ich habe Jetzt Zeit bis 1.Nov.2023

Did you unpublish your apps yourself (manually on the Play Store)? I do not think so. And then it's not surprising that Google asks you to adjust the targetSdkVersion of your apps.

Incidentally, your app can still be found in the Play Store by users who already purchased the apps. However, these are no longer displayed / listed for new users on devices with a higher API level than the current targetSdk of your apps.

Marcio, dont worry about your unpublished apps, google is sending me same message for my 2 unpublished apps. Just ignore it. (Also google play is asking me to update some apps that were suspended by google LOL, so i suspect its an automatic message). The only thing is that users who downloaded your apps before you unpublished it will not find it anymore if they get a newer device, so better for you as you dont want to support new or former users of unplublished apps.Just update your published apps when target sdk 33 is available :wink:
Edit: I can confirm you google play console messages are for all your apps, no matter suspended, unpublished or active published apps. They sent me an email to update only published apps, the unpublished apps were not included in the list.

Hello to all of you. I also received this notification from google. you need to update the app before august 31 to the new standards, i.e. the app must be targeting Android 13 (API level 33) or later. This is only possible if MIT app inventor releases the update by that date. At the moment, from comments prior to mine, it appears that the update should be released around August 26. Anyway, I recommend to all of you, what I did: it is possible to ask google for a time extension on the update to API 33. This deferment puts the deadline at November 1. I advise all of you developers to make this request. It is usually granted. So we have more time to update our apps.
I am still waiting for communication from MIT app inventor developers.

Thank you