Unity ads extension [free]

Unity ads extension

This extension have reward video ads blocks , interstitial ads blocks & banner ads blocks

com.unityuqn.ads.aix (681.1 KB)

@uq_n Developer and Assisted by @Salman_Dev
Special Thank to @Salman_Dev :smile:

Till now no bug has found in extension. You can report if you find the bug

Thank !!


Nice Extension. Thankyou.

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Hi again

Can you organise your post in the same way as the others and also tell everyone what the extension is for, it's pros and cons.

Ok I will do :slightly_smiling_face: when I get time right now I am studying for my exams

Super extension :wink:

Good luck :blush::+1:

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Hello, in the banner I get this error,
do you know how to fix it?

Do you use Kodular?
have you filled in the placement id and game id carefully?
and can you show you blocks?


I have filled in everything with my unity account information,
here you have my code, I'm in app inventorimagen
First I click on btn 1 and then, after a while, I click on btn 2.
if I place an interstitial ad, it displays well.

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so the interstitial ad block works?

yes, it works

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Sorry for my late reply my exam is going so I am studying.

Let solve your problem

Button click is wrong method to initialize game id
You need to put this block on screen initialize

What is your horizontal arrangement size ? If is too small then banner can't fill

Over all pls wait !

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Hi @Meulencv even though the only problem is the technique of using it :sweat_smile:
And I use this technique to make it work :


Note : you have to wait until the Banner Ad appear
And don't forget to turn on your wifi or mobile data

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in the test ad mode, it works correctly, maybe it is a unity problem.

Thanks @uq_n and @Salman_Dev

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Unity fill rate to low

Yeah, you are right :grin: :+1:

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@uq_n Please help

If using Kodular as your build platofrm, you should ask questions in the Kodular Community.

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Sorry for late response @Dukhi_Haiwan
So this Extension can only work in other app builders besides Kodular because Kodular already has it, so if you add that extension to Kodular it will give an error result.