[Discontinued] Unity Ads Extension [Free & Open Source]

Hello @Entertainment_Arena Welcome to the community :tada::tada::tada:

The unity ads for kodular is integrated in kodular, but you need to pass a kodular app review

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How can I by pass it?


in this video you can see it, but I recommend you to ask the kodular stuff in the kodular community.

Please uodate SDK;
My sugestions:
Banner is not responsive in horizontal arranjament, please set automatic size for banner to fit on place.
Implement Block of Intertisial ads fail to show
Please develope admob extension its very good
Please develope startapp extension its very good

Very very thanks for yout time and a great job in this extension.

I acept pay a just price on extension $5 - $10 dollar.


Hi @Douglas_Resolve welcome to our community!

For SDK we still haven't update it, because the version we are using is version 3.6.0 and this version is quite stable.

sorry the size of the banner is already patent, so you have to adjust the size of the banner with the Harrangement.
Size Harrangment that I recommend = 200 x 50 or 250 x 50

please show your block, because before the extension was published, I already test everything carefully.

I will try if i have time.


Kindly make a new thread for this, this thread is for discussion about the specific extension only

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It works in Companion but while exporting it doesn't export , Something went wrong


can you tell me what appBuilder are you using?


Gentlemen, this is not the Kodular Forum!

Please see the " Submission of new extensions" Topic pinned to the top of the Extensions Forum.


This Extension takes commision up to 95% .it loads the unity ads of placement "Unity_Standard_Placement" which is actually extension devloper unity ads unit

You can check by load an ad on the placement which does no exit . it will load that is not our ads it is extension devloper ad unit. I have calculated commision it is more than 95%

there is no commission in extension who said this to you !

ok i am going to discontinue this extension buy the paid ads extension and be happy with it

The reason why I publish this ads extension because there very few can afford it and many people can't afford it because their don't have money or they just starter making apps and I just want every one can use it and I don't want a single penny from your apps because your app is your hard work.

I just want smile on everyone faces

Thank you very much @Salman_Dev for taking care of extension and post you helped me alot :innocent:


This is a false blame, as developer stated

And if you still think it has commission, there's no problem as developer provided something, he can add commission or whatever he wants but, you claim here :

95% Is not looking reasonable


If this extension takes commission then try not to use this extension coz nobody is forcing u to do so


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Are you dreaming?
There is no commission in extension @Paras_Yadav


@uq_n please edit your first post in this thread and describe, if and how you are getting commission from the use of this extension

Also please update the documentation as already requested several months ago

PS: I will hide this thread meanwhile...


@Taifun This was just a false thing I think as both the developers specified


@Salman_Dev & @uq_n perhaps you could explain what @Paras_Yadav means by the above, and therefore why they may be led to believe that the extension is taking commission?


The UnityAds policy https://unityads.unity3d.com/help/resources/revenue-and-payment apparently determines the commission. The extension developer apparently does not receive anything from Unity


@TIMAI2 The point is this, @Paras_Yadav could be said hoax spreaders because he doesn't provide real evidence unless he provides real evidence, so why do we trust people who like to spread hoaxes?

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