Undefined variable. Irritants: (yail/yail-string-reverse) Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds

Hi i am trying to make a reverse text into words. But i got this error, "undefined variable. Irritants: (yail/string-reverse"). Can you help me fix my issue?

Ill attach the .aia file.
Reversing_textV1.aia (1.9 KB)

Post a screenshot of your procedure

Wow well that was a quick repones than you

Well i want it to where the user will write a text and it will come back with reversed text. For example if the user types in this text the fox jumps over the fence in the text box. then the reversed text will say this fence the over jumps fox the. And i still get the same error when i put some text in the blocks section.

Logically, here is a workaround in my website. I think I should post it here too.

Works well on my iPad.


That is not reversed text, that is reversed order of words.

You might approach this by splitting the text at spaces, then reversing the resulting list, then returning the list as text using more text manipulation.

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Like this

If I remember correctly, "join items using separator" is not available in IOS yet.....


Sorry, I was lagging behind, so I did not read the post.

This is my attempt, which has 22 more blocks that yours. Not sure if it is worth it though.

So if i use this and the procedures under this it will work?


Why not try it, and let us know ?

Will this work?

Am not too sure why you use this text. "the fox jumped over the fence" that was just an example. ill show you what i need hold up

Ah, this is homework :wink:


Yes. its for practice

Are you gonna help me?


Where does the the trim string go?