Minor bug report for Reverse block on IOS

for the iOS companion. The "reverse" text block has errors, but the block works fine in the emulator.


Reported by a student,

Hi @deliot,

Thanks for pointing out this oversight. We'll work on it and make sure it gets into the next release.


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Just to follow up, we've merged a fix for this so it will be in the next version.


After nb188 update, a similar thing to the above entry happens for the "reverse" block with the iOS companion.
This time, I cannot set the reverse phrase into the label.text.
App Inventor in my phone is version 2.60 (build 8), the newest one from the App store.

And, thank you so much for the iOS app!
Most of my students have iPhone, so I can teach more things in the class this year.

I appear to be experiencing the same issue here.

Here is a snippet for a workaround for the reverse block. Read the snippet for "Reverse and TitleCase Without Extension".

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