Unable to upload to iOS App Store

I am unable to uplaod a test application to iOS App Store.

I created a Provisioning file following instruction provided here: Building Apps for iOS with MIT App Inventor and uploaded it to my project.

Then I successfully build iOS Ad-Hoc file (.ipa) that I can install on my iPhone.

I created an App Specific Password that I provided using the App Store Settings menu; but when I try to upload to iOS App Store, I get an error: "Build Failed, App Strore Provisionning file required"

You must use the option of Upload to iOS App Store beause Apple will do a prior revision/permission to put your App in the Test Flight. Whit this option you put automatricaly in the Apple Store your App for Apple revisions (first for TestFight and after for Distribution).

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Can you confirm that you've added the profile for the App Store to your project? It can co-exist with the ad hoc one, but they contain different information and are not interchangeable. It sounds like you may have only added the ad hoc but not the App Store profile given the error.

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Yes, you are right, I was using the Ad-Hoc provisioning file! I generated an App Store profile, and do not have this error. Thanks for pointing my error :pray:

However, now I have an other error:

Any idea what is wrong?
Thanks a lot

Seems I have the pb described here Could not find an application record with bundleId: appinventor.ai-USERNAME.ESP

So I tried to create an app entry in App Store Connect, but there is no Bundle ID in the list:

Even if I have a valid Bundle ID:

What happens if you first check the box for "iOS" under Platforms? Does the dropdown for Bundle ID populate then?

Yes! when I check the box for iOS, I get the dropdown menu.
Thanks so much for helping me on so basic stuff !

Now I am facing a new error when I try to upload my test application:
ERROR: Could not find an application record with bundleId: appinventor.ai-jacques.dumarest.TestAppiOSJD. [2024-05-28 10:52:49 EDT]

In App Store Connect, I now have my App:

I have the Identifier:

and use this profile:

Again something I am missing

Thanks for your time and help

Thanks for pointing fot his mismatch ! I made different trial, and mixed items.....

It is great to have your support @Anke and @ewpatton

Without your help, I would be alone and lost :pray:

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