Unable to retrieve the version of aistarter


My school system has Chromebooks but we will have to buy Android devices for those that don’t have one. As an alternative, I was hoping to have them use the MIT A2 Companion emulator. I tried installing it using the Google Play Store. When I try to “Connect” to it, I get an error that says “unable to retrieve the version of aistarter.” It then says “Launch the aistarter program on your computer and try again.”

Is the emulator supported on the Chromebook? If not, why is it available in the Google Play store?

I have a MacBook as well and was able to get the emulator working there.


Hi Kathy,

How to use the emulator with ‘some’ Chromebooks is described here> Chromebooks vs Emulator , The Forum post describes a way to load a compatible emulator. Read it carefully; it can not be done with all Chromebook flavors.

Does that help?