Unable to download aia file in laptop

I am doing a project for my school competition . my project is to develop a game software using mit app inventor and i am done with developing a game but i am having a issue with exporting my game to my own laptop itself . .its getting downloaded in internet explorer where it shows a message as "file is not supporting"
i kindly request you all to look up my issue and give me a solution- to help me download this game as apk file in my laptop , as soon as possible
replies for my message are appreciated
thank you for your consideration


Try using a Chrome or Firefox browser. Internet Explorer is not totally supported and frequently cause issues as you have described. Also review Sharing Your App

can i be able to change it to chrome or firefox
if so can u just suggest me a track for it to change because its getting downloaded in internet by default and my laptop is a old version too

download Chrome

download FireFox

After downloading one of these, set your PC to use Chrome or Firebox as your default browser.
Either should work on an older PC.

ok, hope that will help out ,let me check with it

To run your game on a laptop you need an emulator.
Use the MIT emulator that comes with the Companion, or one of the other emulators at