Twitch channel test

App Inventor will be present at FOSDEM this year. It will be a virtual gathering. It will be held 6-7 February.

To test some things, like having a livestream, i made a twitch account called

I am live now. Could some of you look at the livestream and tell if it works on your side?

I will start some coding to play with it.


and the link is ?

I had to add some spaces in front otherwise it tried to show the stream embedded in the post.

Hello, can anyone join? And what is this actually about?

can see your screen OK, need to create an account to interact. Glad you did this, i was about to get setup with youtube today, but will try twitch now (another flaming account for something....:wink: )

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I use obs studio for my livestreaming to twitch.

This is for testing my twitch channel. I want to demonstrate appinventor during FOSDEM. Maybe we can have multiple channels.

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I see there is a delay.

Yes, it plays well for some time and then it suddenly pauses.

I have OBS working and recording my "scene" (screen, mic, webcam) but need to test in live environment

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That will be me doing some thinkering somewhere else

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@Peter Obs studio is a very complex software u need to learn it BTW What would be there in this live stream

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It was really easy to setup. It did it for me. I just had to enter my twitch key and it worked. After that i learned how to make more things appear like use the webcam etc.

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I will be demonstrating App Inventor during FOSDEM so virtual visitors can see what it can do.

Ok :ok_hand: now I understood

A very good initiative taken by you @Peter sir

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What would be the timming??

For now it is just for testing purposes using it during FOSDEM. There is no schedule yet. That is something we have to think about in the next couple of weeks.

Please decide the timmimg which is suitable for all timezones because there are people from all 7 continents

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Should create a new topic?