Twitch channel test

And what would that be according to you?

Need to figure out how to save the streams for later viewing. I understand this happens when using youtube. Might have a play to see if any "easier" than twitch....

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Got youtube working, a bit easier once you figure out what is going on, again difficult to find the url to share.....

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Did you use also OBS for this?

Yes I did use OBS

You may still want to play with advanced settings, such as output resolution and bitrate.

OBS Studio configures "recommended" values, which are sometimes a headache if you don't have a good PC

By the way, I made /host peterblocks, so when I'm not live it will show your channel :wink:


@Peter will the event (FOSDEM) will take place on twitch?

No, but maybe we can demonstrate App Inventor via twitch or show extension development this way.

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