Trying to get and send GPS location

Hi Folks,

I am currently doing a project were i am given a signal to the MIT app inventor via Arduino and when it receives the signal I want the MIT App inventor to send a SMS with my current location in it..

I have it that the MIT app inventor receives the Signal and then sends a direct text

However I am struggling with the GPS location part..

This is what I have currently any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Try this as a Procedure.

Enter the phone member to text to and you are good to go. When the person receives the text he/she can click on the address to bring up a map. :slight_smile:

The Android must know where it is before sending the text message. :slight_smile:
Before trying the code in your app, just reproduce these Blocks and test to see how it works.

Thanks so much Steve this was great and worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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