Trying to create and and develop a dice game

Hello! I am creating a dice roll game and I have everything set up for it. Basically, it runs on two dice being displayed, and with the click of a button, the two displayed dice images change to two different dice sides that display random values from 1 to 6. Each dice is a different value, as the integers are set to random. However, I wanted to make it to where the dice would roll, and once rolled, a message pops up that displays whatever the two values of the dice are. For example, if I click the roll button, say if one dice lands on 2 and the other lands on 3, I want to make it to where both values add and a message pops up that says "5", adding the two values together. I appreciate the help from anyone who is willing to assist me on this issue. Thank you!

A similar Project might give you some ideas:

Greetings Steve, while the project that you recommended was wonderful and had some great ideas for building a foundation for the project, it does happen to run differently from mine. I was able to get my message to finally display for the value of the dice. However, I still cannot find a way to add the two values from both of the dices. Thank you!

Let me try to see, however, what more I can improve on. I think that I may be missing out on something that I did not check to see.

Name your dice images 1- 6, e.g. 1.png, 2.png
After the dice are "rolled" get the image file name of each dice, remove the ".png" with text blocks, and then add the two remaining numbers together.

There are other ways (e.g. if your images are in an ordered AI2 list (1 > 6) use the selected indexes and add them together.)

Hey TIMAI2 and SteveJG, I was able to solve my issue. Took me some time but I ran back over my code and I finally understood what the issue was. Turns out that I had to unlink a couple of blocks and change them by moving them over to a different section. Took some time but it was worth it. I appreciate your guys's help. Thank you very much!

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