Trying to add data in google spreadsheet

I am trying to add data to google spreadsheet, but not able to do due to some problem. I have attached all screenshot of my block, script. I have checked the script by doing manually and found the script is correct.

script URL:


Can you help me on this?

Is there any solution for this problem?


Two things:

In your script you currently have

var id = 2; - I presume this was for testing? You need to change this to:
var id =;
You must publish a new version of your web app.

In your blocks

Add the Web1.UriEncode block to each of your parameters

I have changed all the changes u told, but still it is same.


Is there any other way to solve this?

Can you please share your spreadsheet (anyone can view/edit) for a while so I can test?

I have sent a share request from my email as well so you can just share with me.

Also, for this method to work the web app should be published as owned by you (your google account) and accessible by “anyone, even anonymous”

Seems to be working now, permissions issue.

But still you see if I give “123” it is taking “8” only. What will be the problem?

Not sure I understand what you mean.

8 comes from the datepicker, it is the 8th today.
Where are you putting 123?


I am trying to send all the data to spreadsheet, but it is not going. Only two values are going.

I have even changed the script

Can you help me here

Looking at the spreadsheet it seems to be working ?

I publish new version in script, so that only it is working I think so.

Thanks for your help, if I have any more query I will ping again.

I am trying to save data in offline but in my data there are “,” so that it reads as next line. How can I solve it?



I am getting the output as


This is wrong, I need all the text in one cell.

Is there anyway to do it?

That 's interesting, do you mean save to an offline Google spreadsheet on the device ?
Show your blocks for how you are doing this?

This is the blocks I have done to save the selected rows in offline spreadsheet.

Can you please tell me where I went wrong?


I can hardly read your blocks image - it is blurry. Right click on the blocks editor or individual blocks and Download as image /png.

Looks like you are saving to file using the file component though. Can you also show your created file?

I have attached the blocks.

blocks (4)

The below snap is the online sheet

Below image is the offline sheet that I have got

Please show to content of a typical Daily Calls.csv.

You don’t show how you access the offline spreadsheet ? (web1.Url etc.)
(this assumes that all users will have their google drive on their device setup to work offline ?)

Not quite sure why you are repeating append to file with the button click and after web1.gottext ?

The work flow is

When I click download button is clicked -> It deletes the old file -> Create new file with first row (this first row consists of the header only so that only I gave append at button click field) -> Gets all the data from online sheet -> According to the user selection the data will be filtered and it is stored in Daily Calls.csv.

This is the Daily Calls.csv file

Well if you are not going to show your blocks for the web url or the content of the csv file (not what it looks like in the spreadsheet) then at present we cannot move forward…