Trying to add a popup

Im using this extention

Its a popup extention that could help me out on lists
well, the thing is that i want to create a popup for every item that the user inputs, for that im using TinyDB..can i get some help on how to do that?


Try this similar extension which allows you to add a list:

You could use a for each item in list to add items to your existing popup extension dropdown

Ok, i got it, but how do i make it so every item stored in the TinyDB is an Item, and the next item added, gets another space in it? turning it Item2

Add the items to a list, add the list to the tinydb, fetch the list from the tinydb, add the list to the popup

What you really want to do with my extension

You are using v 1.0 use v 2.0 of my extension

Initialize global item = make a list item1, item2, item3, item4

When screen1 initialize
for each number 
          from = 1 
          to = lengthOflist list = get item 
          by = 1
Call popup1 create 
          component = button2
Call popup1 Add
          name = select list item 
                         list = get item
                         index = get number

When button2 click 
Call popup1 Show

Please use blocks with your responses, your pseudo code can be difficult for others to follow / compare....

Look at this, i sadly cant find a solution for this :frowning_face:

Try like this:

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