Trouble connecting to MIT

Thank you again for all your help and sorry I made a decision of my own

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Sorry, mistake in haste. :sweat_smile: Edited the post.

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No problem and thanks much .. I appreciate any help

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oops .. I am so busy also trying to solve this problem ...

@SHUBHAMR69 I am developing in the link you gave (and corrected by Tim). It is a HUGE help because it is the only thing that works for me right now.

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Bonus : The project sizes you can make there are more than the normal AppInventor Server. :wink: Also that is owned by MIT. But if you have any problem in that server, always remember to mention first that you are using the website.

The app I am presently putting extra rfinements to is over 4k blocks

Don't understand this part sorry?

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If you have any problems in that website of MIT, while asking in the forums, tell that, "First of all, I'm using the server of AppInventor".

ok thanks.... sure wish I knew why I get the goofy error everywhere except from your link. hard to believe I am the only person in the entire world with the problem :unamused:

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See the last part in Best browser for AI Companion - #3 by ewpatton


Thanks again Dora. I have investigated the httponly lead but cant seem to find a problem there. I dont have browser extension that I know of and my antivirus hasnt changed so I am not sure where to begin. Gotta think this ... Thanks

WOW! I am frizzled from trying to solve this !! All I have to do is trun off my antivirus to test that possibility geesh .. THANKS

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So finally problem was solved ?

NO. problem still exists and sometime during the next 24 hours I will test possible antivirus interfering but I am pessimistic.I am quite burnt out but will have a go again tomorrow. its 16:15 here

A firewall setting maybe ?

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I dont think so. I used the main MIT online until January and it worked very well but by end of January it was very difficult and the asset error was 8 out of 10 connections. In February I went for 10 weeks into a remote and primitive village for vacation and after coming back it was impossible.

For the offline version I definitely set firewall to allow. Thanks

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yes my AVG antiviruse was PART of the problem.
the AI2 connection part magically fixed itself !!!! ????
Now working on solution to OffLine part

Thank you DORA

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Maybe you should add exe to antivirus "whitelist"

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Thanks. Did that. Works

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