Trouble connecting to MIT

Sorry for that ... mine is exactly the same as yours. Thank you for the Java link ... I finally have the real thing

Fine, but I need to see it!

And answer the question regarding the system type (64 bit or 32 bit).

I have Windows 7 professional and have both 32 and 64


correct ... it can only be shut down by closing the DOS windows. There is no cmd to shut it down

As I said, use key combination "STRG + C"

And post this screenshot (I really want to see it):

And let me also see this:

Btw, I've been working with AI2Offline (formerly AI2U) for more than 8 years and have been able to run it on at least a dozen different computers (notebooks, with different OSs) without any problems.
It should work on yours too.

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STRG + C = Ctrl-C?


Also see reply 50 above?

As I said 5 or 6 times now ....
It does run on mine but I get an error that it can not load asset files

Patience please? It takes a couple minutes to get the capture ready and for it to upload?

Have you already posted this error? If yes, where?
Just post it again (screenshot of it).

#42 happens in portable, executable,

But does not happen in MIT App Inventor

Ok, let me check this. Post the aia or send it to me via PM.

It also happens with all mu aia projects not just one. All of my aia are error free and the apps have been running flawlessly for months

Maybe it is a browser's settings issue ? :thinking:

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WOW! thanks @dora_paz I will check into this farther in 12 hours or so. It is 7 pm here and time to settle down for a movie. I much appreciate that your observing and coming up with tthis because I am dizzy from going in circles.

What happens if you create a new project (myNewApp) with AI2Offline and then e.g. upload an image to the assets (in Media)? Then export the aia, rename it to myNewApp2.aia and import it back to AI2Offline.
Does the same problem arise then?

Thank you for that suggestion.

As I said, my apps have all been compiled and run flawlessly on several phones. This inherently means that at one or more times I was able to load the aia into AI2online and compile them.

When I was able to connect to AI2online (December 2021) I would sometimes have the error of not being able to upload asset files and this error became more and more frequent. With AI2offline I find it always happens.

With MIT App Inventor it never happens. Since this is true it proves that redesign of the aia is unnecessary and that the problem is something else.

As I said before, it has been working flawlessly for me on different operating systems for almost 10 years.

So something is wrong with you.