TRAPZIE a Chatbot

UPDATE: Now Trapzie The Chatbot follows BODMAS! no more inaccurate answers! Also I will be adding the functionality to use brackets in the next update.

Yes, trying to think what to add but I have not yet thought on that as I want others to freely use this app in their own apps. You can call this some sort usable template to customize and use in your own app.

Hello to me, the application is not working ... I have only replaced the words in Spanish without having changed any block or having modified anything other than "TEXT" and it still does not work for me ...
the other example of chat bot ... where you can customize the commands and where it takes the direct command by voice, I have given myself Note that speech takes what one says with lowercase letters and if it is not written like that in the inventor app block it will not recognize it. but if that other application works since it takes the command dictated by voice and gives the answer. But no this application did not respond any of the given commands

@Guido_Gaveglio My experience is the Trapzie app does not work well in English either.

Does the unmodified app work correctly for you?

Be aware Mayank indicates:

Questions have to be exactly the same as the dictionary to get more than a vague response . You need to type the exact upper and lower case and punctuation that the dictionary knows for it to work). It could be made more friendly if all queries are made in lower case and the developer used the upcase downcase text Blocks in the dictionary text. You have to provide and adapt the code to make the example more user friendly. The app is an example of what can be done.

The example is a framework that has some great ideas . The example needs to be used with caution.

Speech Recognition can be implemented but you have to use the SpeechRecognizer to populate Trapezie's TextBox input to ask the questions. This is not Alexa.
one way to do that would be to use techniques like used in

You can make this work like you want it to work :slight_smile: but adapting it will not be easy.

Try the suggestions here Problem facing in making chatbot - #12 by ABG

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I did not test it unmodified ... I suppose it can be a base for anyone who is more advanced in the development of blocks, if I understand the topic of lower case letters in the dictionary ... although in this original version I do not know what they are the commands for what functions ... in the block part if they change most of the commands by lowercase and without accents and I thought that with the microphone it was simply enough for me to take the order, since it falls on the text field and then In the execution of sending by means of the button, then the last action is the send button and the voice recognition does not matter so much. Anyway, I'll see how I solve this, thanks

These are the 8 word commands Trapzie knows


It does not understand hello, hi, i am fine, how are you or How are you.

It also knows 1+2= and it returns 3 !

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DEMO CHATBOT 1.aia (22,9 KB)

I have been reading all the posts and the comments of the 3 aia examples that have uploaded and I compiled everything in a single project trying to add voice recognition, now I was merging some blocks; but I have 5 left over and I'm already a little dizzy, can you tell me I appreciate your time

I don't think trapzie is getting any updates. I just came here to check...I will soon make most of my code public.

The best way I found to make a good chatbot as intelligent as possible is with hive-style psychoronization or like the neural networks of the brain. From the pc emulator we create different applications with their different processes and themes, but connecting the input text field of all your applications with a firebase variable in which everything you say from the application in which you register your words with parrot ! what you say will be analyzed by all open applications on the pc and if it has nothing to do with the application it will just ignore it and if the application in question solves a problem heard it will return a response to another response text field reproducing it in voice by the mother app in question! in addition to creating a pattern selection application to add new data to the bases of each application in question! I have been with app inventor for 3 years and it is really incredible because it can almost reproduce everything that other programming IDEs can do!

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This is a simple way to simulate the system of random recognition of words with the same meanings as close as possible to Google's Dialogflow... obviously it lacks functions that are possible with app inventor! and in my app I have several clocks to synchronize their activations and thus not create an infinite auto-listening and auto-response loop! You just have to play with the times! but this method gives random answers with the same meaning and it will be necessary to create an analyzer that detects unregistered words, activate the command to ask you in what category of concepts to add it or the possibility that you can create lists and sub-lists with firebase numbering their classifications... example : greetings0, greetings1.... and to recognize what you have heard until you find it or not, you should have a variable with the total number of lists and analyze with: if it is in list 0.... and if not, add +1 to the search engine index until reaching the limit if he didn't know how to answer asking in what position to classify the last concepts!

Good day everyone! Many thanks to the author! I decided to use Trapzie in my application, but here's what I ran into: when I click the "SEND" button, I get an error

please help someone who understands what's going on....

If anyone is interested .... added a reset button, cursor focus, animation ... I can post the project ... thanks to everyone for participating !!!