TRAPZIE a Chatbot

Hello Guys!
I am here to announce that my best ever project is out! "Trapzie" the chatbot! He can do Math, Greets you, and Replies to certain phrases!

Link :
Search for "Trapzie" in the ai2 Gallery

Feel free to remix the code and use it in another app! You can also change the commands by just changing the dictionary values!


Sounds really good Mayank! I'm sure a lot of people will be interested. Not sure you can give a link of that type - people can simply search the Gallery for 'Trapzie'.

Should the App display a robot image?

Great app Mayank. This will help many to people to create a chatbot for their own needs.

Just a suggestion -
instead of checking if the user input has the first word as tzi--, you could only check for keywords.
Something like this

This allows a wider variety of input and ignores punctuations.
But your code has set up a base for all the developers to work upon and improve it :smile: :smile::wink::


Sorry I don't have any such Images

Yes you are right but I made after get inspire from MEE6 and Lootcord.

........... you could draw one :space_invader:

(not important)

You could try it as an update to this app

I am not sure as to what you mean be update.

Your global RecentText is just a piece of text, so it does not qualify as a list for the is in list? block:

Maybe you left off a split operation to separate words in the RecentText value?

You are right he could have used the contains text block instead or split at spaces in the initialisation.

Hello There!
Just wanted to know if adding BODMAS(without brackets) would be useful or not

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe?

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If you do not follow the sequence of brackets, i dont think it helps :sweat_smile:

Very Nice App :+1: :+1:

By the way, could you help me sort the operators? I am not able to make a list sorter.

[{(vinculum)}] of division multiplication addition subtraction

I know that but I want to make a sorter, I don't know how to make a sorter, I have a method but it is going to be very very slow.

Oh my bad,sorry!

Give me sometime I will try and make it

Will it be efficient if I use "for each item in list {if = (operator)}" 4 times because there are 4 operations?

Try to improve the UI

Now you can ask answers to mathematical sums without having the hassle of adding a space before and after every number, thanks to @TIMAI2's Tutorial at that allowed me to split text after every character.