Transparent GIF


Created new Canvas.
I setup GIF with transparent background to ImageSprite.
I rotated and moved this ImageSprite.

How to save this ImageSprite to GIF with transparent background.

Best regards,

Hey @Dragomir_Haralambiev,

As far as I remember, you cannot add a GIF file in the Canvas. If you do so, it will most likely appear as a still image.

An alternate way is to use the WebViewer component to load the GIF, or for you specific case, you might want to use this extension: Gif animated Extension. Clickable. Transparent Background

Thanks for your replay.
I don't see a way using MIT to record a transparent GIF.

If using WebViewer tools, ImageSprite should not be used.

In that case, I should make an HTML program for the browser and not use MIT.