Tracking Player Information

Hoping to make a tracking app for my soccer team during a game and take all of the information and save as a file.
Be able to display a report (summary) at the end of the game for me to discuss with players.

  1. Goal scorer and player with assist
  2. shots, corners and other stats I have as global variables
  3. I have a listpicker to choose the player that gives the ball away and a listpicker to choose the tzone (1-9) on the field. Want to keep them together so we can track how often we give the ball away in certain zones during the game and our score.
  4. When I click "save" would like it to save all current stats to a file and start a new game?

I have some items and able to carry global varies from screen to screen.

OK, where are you stuck ?
Show your relevant blocks...

I have all of the global variables being stored in a tinydb....think that is right?

My player selection when goal scored (choose player) and (choose player assists) would like these to be stored together to be recalled.

How can I create a "report" on another screen to display all of these as a summary?

My zone collection (area on field) when incomplete pass and player chosen from roster would like these to be stored together to be recalled.

Hmmm, I would probably be making more extensive use of lists and less extensive use of the tinydb. Also you have a bit of repetition setting the roster to five different lists, you could use just one....You could also reduce the number of selections required by setting "Home" and "Away" as a global at the start of the match.

You are on the right track with connecting your "who did what" scenarios, these also could be stored in a list. You could automate somewhat by calling the roster list after you have entered the action, then join them, along with the zone.

My thoughts are also on your screen design, it needs to be easy and quick to make any selection, what would the workflow be? Zone/Action/Player ? Might be easy to then have a grid of buttons for the zones which kicks things off for each entry ? (green buttons - you could actually have a football (sorry, I won't call it soccer....) field layout underneath...with transparent buttons)

Reports should be straight forward, simply pulling all the data from your lists and displaying. Do you need to use additional screens? You could use virtual screens (arrangements) and just hide and show as needed.

Hope this helps, probably makes things more difficult!!

I agree...we can call it futbol. Thanks for the insight. I don't know much about virtual screens is why I have multiple. Makes initializing variables quite daunting. How do you create a virtual screen?

How do you automate a list and join. That sounds much easier and more efficient.

workflow would be: zone/action/player that is correct.

Agreed with screen design

I'll have a little play over here....

See the tag structure for this sample app for ideas on how to store player/team/game performance data ...

Thanks and will take a look. Appreciate the guidance.

thanks. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a rough and ready example of how you might do it....

footballdata.aia (30.8 KB)

Oh, your zone numbering may be different, but that is easily changed
I only provided event blocks for zones 1,2,3
I have looked to include everything in one list.
Not done any reporting yet in case you didn't want to go this way...:wink:

This is so much more efficient and effective than my large use of tiny db! Is there a way to "save" a game or does that happen when we click create new game?

What about carrying totals for players over multiple games as like a "season tracker". Probably comes with reporting?

When the list shows for each there a way to show only so many at a time as with an 80 minute match that would be quite a bit?

Again...thanks for the help and really getting me in the right direction for simplicity.

The game is saved (to tinydb) after each entry. There probably needs to be a "Game Over" button....


You can try adding a "reverse list" block to the list (for the listview), then the last entry is at the top. The presentation of this can be made more beautiful and the entry should probably have a timestamp with it as well ?

ok....i'll work on that part for sure.

Again...tremendous help and thanks so much

how do I go about the reporting? Should be my final question:)

Give me a while, I will work it up, I have something in mind

Thanks and greatly appreciated. When working on game over will erase current data. Finally, should I create where it is 1st half/2nd half and then combine for the match?

Look forward to your guidance and excited.

Knew I was asking for trouble by working with one list, makes the reporting much more complicated than it should be. However, I have created three reports: Action (summary of all actions), Player (summary of player actions) and Individual Player Report (summary of a player's actions). You should hopefully be able to see how to create additional reports.

I have added a timestamp for each record, and a button to select the half (but this is not tied into anything).

Still rough and ready, really needs a good error check and workflow set of routines to prevent damage by the innocent!

footballdataV2.aia (38.6 KB)

So much thanks. This really helps my understanding and how to effectively utilize these features. I can't thank you enough for the help and guidance.

Glad to have helped :+1: