Какой самый лучший эмулятор?

Я использую Nox, но в течении дня Nox слетает 10-15 раз, и теряю много времени, когда код большой в соединение уходить очень много времени, спасибо!

Какой самый лучший эмулятор?

you might want to try Genymotion
from the FAQ: Using Genymotion emulator with App Inventor


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Спасибо! попробую

I use Nox, but during the day, Nox flies 10-15 times, and I lose a lot of time when the code is large, it takes a lot of time to connect, thanks!

Why not use the download version of Nox, or better still the App Inventor Companion?

Это как?

Я соединяю Nox с App Inventor через Companion, это правильно?

Why not use the boot version of Nox
What is it like?
I connect Nox to App Inventor through Companion, is this correct?

It simply runs on your computer instead of in your Web Browser, so that removes lag time. I don’t know if you can hook it up with the App Inventor IDE, thus replacing App Inventor’s Emulator.

The expert Power User on this subject is Abraham Getzler.

I have tried the Nox emulator and found it fast, but I was unable
to get it working with the Companion for debugging, probably
through lack of knowledge about its adb.exe equivalent and its networking.
There was also the issue of which flavor of Companion .apk file to run,
AI2Companion.apk versus Emulator.apk

GenMotion Free gave me all that I needed, with its ability to manage multiple emulators with their own Companion versions.

Я не могу загрузить в GenMotion? Companion AI2, там я не иог найти Play market! Я еще поковыряюсь может найду способ!

Can’t I upload to GenMotion? Companion AI2, there I can’t find the Play market! I’m still digging, I can find a way!


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