Не обновляется график

В приложении использую график, данные которого хранятся в .csv

каждые 20 секунд создаю новые значения для графиков, но данные не обновляются в графике не обновляются
LNG_distance_control.aia (16.0 KB)
Буду благодарен за помощь!

See FAQ Section: Charts and Graphs

especially the first 2 entries, and the testing section at the end.

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I've noticed that app create new .csv and don't update current

See this sample for how to display new data dynamically.

No one is forcing you to have to pass your data through a file to get it into a Graph.
You can append your new data to a File as it arrives, and also add the new data to a ChartData afterwards.

Regarding your specific blocks error,
you left out two important parts:

  • the events that trigger after completion of writing (append too) to a file
  • calls to the graph DataFile block that tell it to reload from the newly refreshed file. (These should be in the aforementioned file write completion blocks.)
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