рабочая область не загрузилась надлежащим образом

рабочая область не загрузилась надлежащим образом

This sounds/looks more like a corrupted project.

Could you please share your project with us, so we can take better look at it..

Some time ago, users coding in languages other than English had this problem. Switching the coding language to English and Companion temporarily 'fixed' the problem.

It appeared nb185a fix the issue for Users using non-English Projects. Error: Block workspace did not load properly. Changes to blocks for screen _Screen2 will not be saved Maybe the latest version did not fix the issues for all languages . Russian was supposed to be fixed.

Follow Boban's advice but also make a copy of your Project and switch to programming in English and test the English version and let us know what happens.


Have you tried to load your application, coded in app inventor? Or have you tried to load some sample application made in Kodular?

Спасибо) Попробую.

Я создавала проект с начала.