Tip to be able to save and share files from android

Direct to Google or appinvetor developers
I agree that the decision not to allow the creation of personal folders is right.

But then, you have to give another chance to be able to share a file from within the main folder of the App.

Otherwise, a huge and very useful possibility is taken away from the developer, who does not know how to carry out that operation in any other way, especially if there is another way.

If it exists, then in this case explain in detail perhaps with a video how to do it.

Otherwise please and if you can, solve the problem some other way.

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Exactly. I feel like SDK 30 basically removed the practicality of most Taifun extensions...

Google is not going to change their strategy to keep apps more secure so developers have to live with it.

There is a potential way to read/write into files even yet even though basic App Inventor has to follow new rules:

The extension might help some developers. Alternatively, keep your older Android instead of getting an Android 11 and have fun coding. It is not only hobby and educational developers are frustrated; professional developers using Android Studio, Delphi, B4A etc. also have to cope.

Lament, but be aware, your apps will be more secure for both you and your users. :slight_smile:

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I wasn't complaining.

I was just pointing out that it would at least be useful to have the files in the root folder shared as well.

In short, I can create the folder, the file, and insert the data inside the file, for example .csv or .txt, then the scirttura and creation of the files are carried out regularly and are stored correctly and for safety, in the main folder of the App.

But why not give the possibility to share the file internally, this is possible, even without using extensions or external blocks?

Of course, if you have decided that it should not be done, we just have to adapt.

But I think, finding another solution could be very important.