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Hi, i am using TableView extension by ken. I am having problem with the display of data in table view. Why row data 5,6,7,8 is not listed under 1,2,3,4? But in listview 5,6,7,8 is listed under 1,2,3,4 Do i key in something wrong in the blocks?


Looks like you are trying to use ; as the row delimiter, but you have not included a ; between 1234 and 5678....

You also need to provide your data as a csv table, not an AI2 list

But at the block there after "get global name" , I do include ; to space out between each data?

As an aside, you should use the close screen block to get back to Screen1 from Screen2, otherwise you run the risk of continually adding a new Screen1 to the stack...

But that is not sufficient, what does the join output to datastring look like if you run Do It ?

i am sorry i do not understand your meaning as i am very new to this. What i am trying to do is that I want to key in 4 different value at screen 1. and click save. and go to screen 2 to read the data in table format. However, i am trying to learn the steps through online. I am not sure which of the block went wrong. here is the block of my screen 1

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Let me provide an example for you....

You do not need two screens for this

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Try this:

TableViewExample.aia (24.8 KB)

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Thanks it really help !

HI there, can i know what if i wish to see my data at another page. How should i do it?

You have a choice, you can either use arrangements as virtual screens (hide and show them as required), or do as you were doing and use the tinydb to store the data, so that you can access the list in another screen, or use the start value.

What if i want the latest data always shown on top instead of last row, which block i need to do some changes? Thanks

Unfortunately the Table View extension doesn't work dynamically. Once it has been rendered, you cannot add/remove/sort.

Easy enough, here is one way...

TableViewExampleV2.aia (24.9 KB)


That works very nicely :grin:

Thanks a lot . However, if i wish to add tinydb inside to store data. how should i do to display the previous stored database?

This should handle tinydb storage of the data list - it does not include the "DATE" header row

TableViewExampleV3.aia (25.2 KB)

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Thanks. It helps a lot.

Hi tim, can i have sample of this if i would like to preview the data on another screen? and what if i wish to delete the data on the another screen using the tableview. Thanks in advance

You just use the same tinydb/namespace on the other screen to access the data, and load this to your tableview datastring as in my example.

Delete data "using tableview" ? Please explain more on what you are trying to achieve. I see you have also asked the same question here

I suggest you provide an aia project that demonstrates the problem, so we can suggest a solution