Timed push notifications while app is closed

I've downloaded JasonLira2's notification extension for an app I am trying to make which sends notifications to the user's phone at specified times but do not know how to go about setting it up. Could I get an example of this to use? Thanks. (PS, I know the taifun version is much better but I do not have the money to buy it)

unfortunately the notification style extension is only able to send a notification directly, but not at a given date and time... and btw. the original extension is outdated... if you want to use it you should use

for sending a notification and a given date and time you will have to use an alarmmanager extension like App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps


Thanks for the link to the updated version. I would love to use your extension as it is exactly the kind of thing I require, but I literally can't afford to buy it so I am looking for a free alternative.

Jarlissonlira2’s pushnotification through onesignal timed notification coding

How would I use this extension to code my app to send push notifications at specific times to my phone while the app is closed?

That extension is outdated and does not work anymore ..