Time-Picker/Day-Picker Change Design

Hello friends,
I am a new (beginner) and enthusiastic supporter of the APP INVENTOR.
I have learned a lot, but I cannot get on with a problem and I need your help:
Now I program the Day-Picker & Time-Picker, but the design is terrible and I want to change it (like the attach) … how does it work?
Greetings from Carsten

You have a choice:

You can change to Classic theme
You can build your own date and time pickers - see this thread:

If you are looking to make your own date and time pickers, here are
some sample projects you can build on …


Okay…many thanks for the great resonance…but is it really so difficult ?
Where does the picker come from in my example that I posted ?
Is there no library of existing themes or templates available ?
Best wishes from germany…regards Carsten

Use the Classic theme

i have seen it in the the tutorial like this video:

bytheway: How can I switch to “classic themes” ?

regards carsten

Hi again,
sorry, When I install the sample APK, I become the same “wacky” design of the Date / Time picker as in my program.
So the error must be in my settings (or on my cell phone)?
I always run the simulation directly on my mobile phone (HTC m5, Android 7.0)



It is all in the documentation:

Hi, thanks for helping… ,we have testet all variants of “Theme” (, but its only change the color oft the picker, but the design is all the same … :frowning_face:


This is what I see for a compiled app on an Android 9 device, using the Classic theme:

dpclassiccompiled tpclassiccompiled

Hi…yes, that looks great,
in any blocks these beautifully picker are presented:
…we habe import the blocks and make the design, but its comes only the “old” theme in the display in our HTC-Handy (Android 7.0)…all very strange …
-> can the problem be due to Android 7.0 ?

And this is, what i get on the smartphone:

May I ask did you build your project to apk and then install it on your phone.


But you are not using the classic theme!

yes, no classic and install the apk on the smartpohone -> the same old design…

As I have said, you won’t get the classic date and time pickers (as I showed in my previous post) if you do not use the classic theme for your app. (unless you design your own…)

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Hello again … I switched to classic and to Dark etc … it is always the same result (only that the colors change)

In which case it looks like you may need to build your own…

Is this test conducted with companion or real apk app

Okay…i will/must do that…many thanks for your help !!!