Number or (Month & Year only)Picker

Default MIT app has Date and Time picker.

Does anyone knows whether we can get number pickers? If not, does anyone get Datepicker icon? I would like to use icon to create a screen and put buttons with arrows icon and textbox to create similar Picker.

After press button, there is a syntax for getfocus. However, there is no highlight the text in the texbox. Did I miss any component?

For the screen you’ve created to simulate your month-year picker, could you show the blocks you’re concerned about. You shouldn’t be getting a syntax error unless you’ve got an unfilled socket in a property setter.

I might have something like you want.
This is a custom date picker, only for future dates …

Capture future_date_picker.aia (5.2 KB)

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ABG. Thanks for the concept.

ewpatton: Not a syntax error. I am looking a syntax to highlight a value in textbox.

you can use the HighlightText method of the textbox exension for this

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

PS: this thread is about number picker. For other questions in future please start a new thread. Thank you.

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You can highlight text in a Label using simple html,
if you turn on that attribute.

Thanks Taifun. I scan your forum. Thanks to create a lot of amazing extensions.

Can we create a pop up screen (similar as notifier, date picker)?

I could create a screen and coding the month and year. I also created some producers to make Date from text to MIT format, MIT format to text for display and date calculationgs. I would like to create a pop up screen rather a new screen. If any power user get a clue for pop up screen, please let me know.

Have a look at this extension:

You could write your custom date picker in html/javascript and return values with the webviewstring

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Thanks TimAI2. This is a nice suggestion. I scan how to create a simple html with labels, textbox and buttons. This took me around 1 hour to go through basic info.

However, I need to learn how to submit the html into MIT app (local web page) and how to read the submit data from html and store into MIT app. Would you like to show me some tips?

I afraid I study too much and I mess up myself. haha…

Anyway, Thanks TimAI2.

Using the WebViewString

For the WebViewer Dialog extension, you have to set the page title with the data you want back from the page, there is no webviewstring available.

Just found this, might be what you want (you can use what you have built in components:

Dialog Any Thing extension by Zhangzqs

Put it in a Vertical Arrangement, and make it Visible=false until you want to show it.