There is a translation grammar mistake in italian language

using your application in italian language I noticed a traslation mistake in the following block
"open another screen screenName"
that you translated into italian as
"apri un'altro schermo nomeSchermo"
this sentence is wrong because it contains a feminine indefinite article <un'> instead of the masculine one since the noun "screen" is masculine.
the correct sentence is
"apri un altro schermo nomeSchermo"

Thank you very much

Bye bye
Screenshot 2024-04-19 alle 18.53.40
Screenshot 2024-04-19 alle 18.52.39

Hello @Federico_Giovannini.

Here i share with you a link related to translations.

App Inventor forum is based in HELP of each others and the same with the App Inventor as a Project in general. I think... if you have the good eye to recognize the error, you can contribute to fix it.
I do not speak Italian (maybe some words for heritage, because my family was migrant from Italy 4 generations ago), but the idea is: if you can do it, help us to have a better tool, for all of us. You will be helping your AI2 community for Italian speakers too.

I do try to help in Spanish (because i am Spanish talker), but we are at 100%, also the original (English), but seems Italian have a 80% ratio of translation, So your help will be of great value for the Italian Speakers.

Well I hope my comment have help you in some way.

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Thanks to @German_Skena for explaining how our translations work.

Italian is very old. You've probably noticed that a lot of recent features are not translated. If you would like to help, we would be very grateful.

Hello @Susan_Lane .

You are Welcome.

I have in mind to help, but MY NATIVE LANGUAGE IS ALMOST TRANSLATED AS FULL. I am a Spanish talker and as i can see, the Spanish have a ratio of 100% of translated and also the same values as checking are all right.

I try to be helpful with the users of the community but in this case i see a thing, i cannot add anything new. :slight_smile:

Off course, if i see a Spanish talker here, i try to help (her or him) with my best, in our native language, but i always add, to make some comments in English because.... is our Franc Tongue (Lengua Franca), the most common language the people speak.
Many people from other nations speak in English, but not in Spanish and in this particular case, we can interact with more people using the English. (Well is what i think, i can be wrong, but i think in this as a positive way to learn and grow as developers and as a human too).

Again Susan, thanks for your comment.

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You're doing a fine job.

Yes, we had a Spanish update within the last few months. Before that, it was also very old and desperately needed an update. It's great to see these commonly-used languages getting the updates they desperately need. We're still releasing new features, and those features will need to be translated into Spanish.

In that case. I will do my best to help in the project TOO. As soon i can, i will get involve in this. :smiley:

By the way, Susan, i have some issues and questions or (principally a request) about implementing some new tools for future updates of the build. I think we are in the nb196. do you know where i can ask or comment my request? If you don't, sorry for asking.

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