The translation of the switch component is not correct

The attribute of the switch component, 'on,' has been translated as '에' in korean. Please translate it as '켜짐' or simply keep it as the English word 'on.'

FWIW, Google Translate converts on to , there is no other language option than ko for Korean....

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lol...The meaning of '에' translated by Google Translator is when 'on the table' and 'on the beach'.
This translation gives students great confusion.
켜짐 means 'Turn on', 'on'. plz consider it.


Google Translate for "Turn On" returns: 켜다 (not 켜짐) - but I guess you know best :slight_smile:

켜짐 translates to on in Google Translate, as you say, all very confusing :slight_smile:

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Here's the information on how to contribute to App Inventor translations: About Translating App Inventor

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Thx a lot! I will try this soon!