The operation make a pair cannot accept the arguments: , ["name"], ["something"]

Hi so I'm trying to make a meds tracker with Cloud DB and dictionary. While doing the blocks I ran across this error, The operation make a pair cannot accept the arguments: , ["name"], ["Something"], I would appreciate some help thanks
Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 15.13.28

why you have an error in record variable initialization? what does it say?

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You probably defined global variable record twice?
Click onto the red error to read the error message


While you're in there, also change that TextBox2.NumbersOnly to TextBox2.Text if you want the quantity.

The .NumbersOnly is just a true/false value that changes the input keyboard to the 10 digits.

Hi ABG thanks for the input


Hi Taifun so the error in the record variable is because it has the wrong type?

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 08.12.56

When things that should work break down, it often is due to a mismatched Companion version.

What is your testing environment?

Hi ABG, I don't use MIT Companion for testing I use emulator is that a problem?

Your Block images contradict you, especially the error message that reads
"Error from Companion: Argument (package make-yail-dictionary) ..."

I'm guessing you are using the MIT aistarter package, whose embedded Companion usually falls behind the current ai2 web site.

I recommend testing with the Companion from an Android phone.

If you don't have an Android phone, get a different emulator from

and install the Companion on that.

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