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Hello everyone.

The app that I'm making receive data from the serial port of Arduino, and it saves the data received making a list of the data. The before mentioned means that, from the serial port to the app, it receives more than one data, so that is why I decided to make a list, because in that way the user can see the specfic information from different days and from different people.

This is the problem:

These the blocks:

What I want to do is that the data received be shown in a list, like you can see all the information.

Thanks, hope you can help me.


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Things you should learn :

tinydb – App Inventor Tutorials

Working with Lists and TinyDB

App Inventor - Arduino

BLE ESP32. Bluetooth. Send. Receive. Arduino IDE. Multitouch - #2 by Juan_Antonio

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Hello FB

Well, just too many things wrong in your Blocks but well done for trying. There may also be errors in your Arduino Sketch......

Attached is a basic 'template' Bluetooth Project that you can test. We need to see your Arduino Sketch! How many values does the Arduino send? What is the exact Arduino you are using?

App Inventor Project
BT_Basic_Setup_ReceiveMulti.aia (10.2 KB)

Arduino Sketch (just change the extension from .txt to .ino)
ClassicBt_Arduino_ToAppMultiVal.txt (2.1 KB)

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@Salman_Dev thanks for mentioning my tutorial. It is an honor.

@FLASH_BRAIN24 I am happy to share. If you want to see more projects with Arduino, check out my channel:


You're welcome :wink:


Hello to all users and helpers.
Hope you all are pretty good today,
It is my pleasure to type, that all your answers were really important, all of them are solutions.
Thank you for the help!


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