The new spreadsheet update on AI2 doesn't work for me

Hello buddies,

I have a problem with interacting with my google.sheet, I am using the clearRange block and just trying to make it interact (no advanced code)

I have inserted my SpreadsheetID

Fixed Credentials + Json key


Any suggestions?

Hello Stanley

Unfortunately it's a known bug. Expected to be fixed in the next incremental release.

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Oh well, that explains a lot. Do you know when the release date is? Is there anywere to read about the release?

Thank you

Sorry Stanley, we don't know, but it could be a fix release just for this issue.

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In the meantime you could use WriteRange...


Oh, thank you. Ill try that!

Has no one mentioned that the web view reload needs to be moved to the event for completion of the range clear?

Link, please?
I must have missed that.

You responded to that topic :wink: (it must be getting worse ABG :wink: )

Thank you.

I added the link to the Google Sheets FAQ at

We have merged a fix for this issue. It should go out with our next release.

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