Problem in using CloudDB in iOS

I am doing a Sketch and Guess project using multiscreen and cloud db with iOS.
However when I debug it with iOS AI Companion, I found that I cannot get or store the data to cloudDB because the Token was automatically add a "%" sign in the front. If I remove the "%" sign, it can work properly.
Moreover, when I use another screen (Screen B) to get the CloudDB data when DataChanged, it do not fire the event when the data changed instantaneously. However if I to add any codeblock of "Get" CloudDB data first in Screen B (for example, call Screen2.Initialize > cloudDB.GetTagList), the CloudDB.DataChanged event can be fired. Is there a bug of iOS?

Yes, this appears to be a bug in the iOS implementation. The % indicates to CloudDB that the token is a global token rather than per user, but the iOS version doesn't seem to be handling this correctly. I think it should be a straightforward fix.

Edit: I've reviewed the code and it does appear that we fail to process the % correctly. I've filed an issue.

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